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Andrews War

Perry Comer

Published June 6th 2011
Kindle Edition
127 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Andrew rounded the stand of small knobby pines and comes face to face with two men dressed in blue holding cocked pistols aimed at him. The year is 1865 and General Sherman’s army has marched into North Carolina and into eleven year old Andrew’sMoreAndrew rounded the stand of small knobby pines and comes face to face with two men dressed in blue holding cocked pistols aimed at him. The year is 1865 and General Sherman’s army has marched into North Carolina and into eleven year old Andrew’s life. The soldiers slaughter his hogs and take his wounded father prisoner.There are no make-believe games of war with his friends and dreams of glory. Andrew experiences the terrible injustice of war, greed and love of family. His rescue attempt fails and the same ruthless soldiers that burned his grandfather’s home capture him. Escape is impossible and execution for spying is all but certain. His greatest regret is not freeing his father.No boy should endure the terrible agony of war. Yet, man will wage war against man and boys will experience all the inhumanity of war. Andrew’s War is an action packed story of courage.

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